You haven`t really been somewhere unless you`ve been there on foot!

European Hiking Villages

This saying from the legendary prince of poets, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, invites European Hiking Villages to trace the myth of Europe and its diverse landscapes, and thereby get to know Europe at its best!

Mythical Landscapes Keep mythical Landscapes of European regions alive though the myth of the countryside


Lech am Arlberg

An Island in the mountains
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Time travel with Ötzi, the stone-age mummy from the glacier
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Inspirational Landscapes
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La Val / Wengen

The mountain meadow village in the Dolomites
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The diversity and color in Europe is found in the myth of its landscapes, telling of people, tales, hidden treasures and mysterious happenings. These cannot be found in landscapes alone, only in the combination with the people, culture and traces of a long history found in villages, can this relationship develop to its full potential.

European Hiking Villages The village: the small world with big chances

Mythoslandschaft Südtirol

Delight your visitors with a fresh idea for completely coherent, lovingly prepared hiking and nature experiences. Each village here represents its mythical landscape, tells of its traditional peculiarities, and its contributions to European history, all of which come to life in a hikeable natural landscape for the visitor.

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Everything has its time, everything has its place. Therefore, it is best to know the right time and venue to participate in the vibrant European village life. Our participants are invited to promote their village events and activities here.

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Landscapes, as told by our villages

traumhafte Berglandschaft

Every European Hiking village represents a selected European mythical landscape.

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