The main hiking trail is the common denominator that leads the hikers through the regions and tells them about the regional landscape history. It not only contributes to beautification of the landscape, but also gives the hikers concrete plans for their tours in the respective mythical landscape. Step by step the hiker can experience the myth of the region; can sense, experience and enjoy its natural landscape in all its facets.


The long distant hiking trail “Lechweg Trail” is more than 125 kilometers long. It goes along the river of the same name through one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe. The hiker takes part in the story of the river from its origin as a crystal clear mountain spring to its end as a roaring waterfall.

Tru di Pra

Come step by step into the wonderful world of Armentara and be enchanted by its beauty – this is the promise of the hiking trail along Tru di Pra on Ritwiesen meadow and then on to Ciamplorët. Each hiker can experience the character La Vals as an Alpine Meadow village and the importance of Alpine agriculture for the region.


Visitors hiking on the trail that starts in the valley in Kurzras (2,011 m) to the beginning of the valley at Naturns (526 m) will marvel at the unlimited diversity of the landscape and the history of Schnalstal/Val Seneales. On the theme trail “Silentium” the hiker can enjoy the experience of silence.

Hiking Trilogy Allgäu

The attractions of the Allgäu as a hiking region and the versatility of its scenic beauty unfolds on the more than 800 kilometers of Hiking Trilogy Allgäu. A combination of undulating pleasurable trails, scenic river and lake landscapes, and Alpine mountain landscapes leaves nothing more to be desired.

Excellent long distance hiking All of the excellent long-distance hiking trails in

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