The hiking hosts as specialists for select nature and landscape experiences

The excellent hiking hosts know their landscape intensively and commit themselves to act as specialists in giving and presenting information about the specialties of their landscape.

The idea

The hiking host is the base camp for hiking holiday-makers, the daily hiking experience begins and ends here. In tourist accommodations, the hikers can rest, find new strength and prepare for their next nature experience. For this reason, a friendly, service-oriented and optimized service program, made specifically for hikers, is the basis for a perfect hiking experience.

The criteria

Areal services

  • Distances in the hiking network

Activity services

  • Hiking competence of the host
  • Hiking competence of the hiking guide
  • Advanced preparations in the hotel
  • Hiking facilities in and outside the hotel
  • Service centers for hiking gear

Orientation services

  • Hiking map services

Information services

  • Organized hiking tours
  • Hiking consulting, tour advice
  • Information material

European quality hiking hosts

Mythoslandschaft Südtirol

News and offers

Everything has its time, everything has its place. The best, therefore, is to know the right time and place to participate in the vibrant European village life. Our participants are invited to promote their village events and activities here.

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