In all things of nature, there is something of the marvellous.

AristotleGreek philosopher

Based on this motto, we think that Europe is a beautiful continent with impressive, story-telling landscapes which inspire people all over the world. That is why we at European Hiking Villages are constantly on the look-out for new compelling mythical sceneries, with beautiful trails and areas suitable for hiking experiences. But not any hiking experience, we strive for our guests to form an emotional bond with the landscape, its people and culture. The goal of this initiative is to represent our enduring fascination with this continent by consolidating all of its mythical beauty into one place and at best invite people all over the world along with local residents to explore European’s Hiking Villages and create their very own outdoor adventures.

Mythical landscapes Gems of nature

Dolomites in South Tyrol © Pixabay-3114553

Time to put the silicon obsession down, take a look around and find a way in the silence

Maynard James KeenanUS-American musician

Regions all over Europe are home to fascinating natural environments, which are either particular because of its features of the landscape or because of its peoples’ culture. We have made it our mission to capture these sceneries in order to convey the rarity of each natural and cultural treasure. Throughout the continent, each mythical landscape follows the traces of Old Europe’s heritage, each hiking trail revealing a new breathtaking scenery, leaving its visitors speechless.

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South Tyrol The cultural hybrid

South Tyrol scores with its indescribable beauty and its extensive geological and cultural range. The mix of Mediterranean and alpine influences captivates people all over the world to spend their vacation in Italy’s North. Hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails, some of them passing the stunning Dolomites and colorful mountain meadows, will definitely have a lasting impact. Ranging from exclusive, modern hotels to traditional and authentic guesthouses, South-Tyrol offers great variety of accommodations for every taste and budget.

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Cortina D´Ampezzo © Karmen Nahberger
Panoramic view from above to Lünersee, Austrian Alps Panoramic view from above to Lünersee, Austrian Alps © Shutterstock-123064486

Austria Benevolent nature

Mountains are probably the most persuasive argument to spend a holiday in Austria. However, Austria has a lot more to offer than just mountains: The combination of mountains framed by the country’s jaw-dropping sceneries such as wild rivers and crystal-clear lakes as well as its fascinating and adventurous history are compelling reasons to explore Austria’s hiking trails. The celebration of life, the appreciation of nature and the native’s unique love for sports made the uniqueness of Austrian hospitality well-known throughout the world.

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Germany Enchanting Mother Nature

Germany is a country rich in mythical landscapes: Bavaria with its fairytale castles, the vast Black Forest in the south-west, the natural reserves of the Lüneburger Heath in Germany’s North or Sylt, the largest of the North Frisian Islands. Savour the culinary delights such as Sauerkraut, sausages and German beer, with its century-old brewing tradition. This country offers hiking possibilities suitable for every demand. The sincere warmth of the German people combined with authentic German cuisine guarantee a pleasant stay in one of Europe’s most diverse countrysides.

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Königssee, Bavaria © Pixabay-2399710

The Villages Oh, the places you'll go!

Katharinaberg Val Senales © Tourismus Schnalstal

Every European Hiking Village is an eye-opener to its distinctive mythical landscape and tells its individual story about its traditions, the region’s contribution to Europe’s history as well as its peoples’ cultural and culinary heritage. With today’s hectic everyday-life, the authentic surroundings and the diverse, native wildlife provide a way to reconnect to nature and find inner-balance.  Various outdoor activities and a range of hiking trails and events enliven the destinations and pave the way to intensive and long-lasting experiences for guests and locals alike.

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Hosts Passionate commitment and warm hospitality

Urlaubsidyll in den Südtiroler Dolomiten ©, Ciasa Raut

Our certified hosts are not only passionate about providing their guests with the best hospitality possible, but are also keen on serving as a guide to their guests, sharing the country’s history, culinary highlights and exclusive insider tips to explore the surroundings.


  • approved and certified according to the strict guidelines of the European Hiking Seal
  • located at the most intriguing landscapes of Europe
  • hosts are avid hikers themselves and offer guided hiking tours for their guests
  • hosts provide useful insider tips about the region

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European Hiking Villages offer a quality certification of hiking trails and villages (“European Hiking Quality”) which convey an impressive intermediation of adventures and hiking infrastructures within the region and along its hiking trails. A membership at European Hiking Villages symbolizes an accolade. Every potential candidate has to go through an intense certification process of five steps which covers all areas including assessments of hiking trails, of landscape impact and of accommodations. Constant quality assurance as well as repeating recertification cycles guarantee the best conditions for potential guests.

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